An Open Garage Can Be an Invitation for Would-Be Thieves

A garage door left open can make you a more likely target for common crime, and good habits or an automated system can help reduce that risk. Open Garage Doors May Make Homeowners Likelier Targets If you own a home garage in Orange County, then you should be aware that open garage doors at night […]

A Wooden Garage Benefits a Home and the Environment

Wooden garage doors are used during many installation projects because they provide a variety of unique advantages that appeal to many homeowners. These perks are also cost-effective and can strategically boost a property’s resale value. How a Wooden Garage Door Enhances Properties and the Environment When a wood garage door is placed on a property […]

Choosing a Single- or Extended-Width Garage Door

Homeowners with large garages can opt for multiple single doors or one extended door, and there are pros and cons to both approaches. Single Versus Double Door Garages Just because you have two single garage doors now or one extended door doesn’t mean you’re locked into that choice. When it comes time to upgrade or […]

Why You Should Maintain Your Garage Door

Scheduling regular maintenance on your garage door boosts your overall convenience and will save you a lot of money on future repairs. The Importance of Keeping Your Garage Door Well-Maintained A garage door is a substantial investment for your home. As such, you’ll want to extend the life of your garage door as much as […]

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